Tales From When I Had A Face is an existential fairy-tale told for those of us who still remember the uncertainty of the occult logic of dreams. A story about the ends of worlds, and the beginning of meaning.

On Ayta’s seventh birthday, there came a knock on the door, and there stood her Gran. Once a thing of myth, descended from legends, now just a stooped old woman. Through her Gran’s fantastic stories, Ayta’s lonely life growing up in a world in which she didn’t belong is transformed. In this land of the distant future, tribes guided by symbol, prophecy, and portent face their own impossible decision, between the Chernayan Empire in the North, and the apocalyptic threat of New Babylon rising in the South.

Just seven years later, her Gran would be dead, and Ayta must then come to terms with her dark legacy: bearing ancestral myth in a world that has no need for what it sees as childish things...

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Aiming at the liminal spaces between worlds and generations, and between the light of remembrance and dark of forgetting, Tales ultimately asks us what we gain when we choose tradition, or when we choose progress. All paths have repercussions.

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Production Credits

Based in the Fallen Cycle world created and written by James Curcio

Art by James Curcio, P. Emerson Williams, Christopher DiSalvatore, Andu Abril, with additional illustrations by Alexey Andreev.