After nearly 7 years of work, we’re happy to announce a full color mockup of Tales From When I Had A Face that is approaching the form it’ll ultimately take. It’s been a long journey, conceiving and writing the book, early rounds of concept art, recruiting the team, and working with Peter, Chris and Andu through that time.

Now, being sequestered away thanks to Covid-19, distracting and scary as it is otherwise, has given me the space to put all the work we’ve done so far together into a full color mockup. Still a little rough around the edges, but certainly “good enough for jazz.”

Really it’s the sort of book I’ve been wanting to write for most of my life – an existential fairy-tale told for those of us who still remember the uncertainty of the occult logic of dreams. A story about the ends of worlds, and the beginning of meaning. And an occult ritual unto itself.

For some time, the plan was to start pitching publishers and agents hard, beginning at the end of March 2020.

Well… we all know how March went. Everything is up in the air now. No matter the industry, I know everyone is thinking similar things right now, or at least anyone who is paying attention. So we go on faith? I’ve never been very good at faith. So I guess we’re all trying new things.

While we figure out what the right next move is, I’ve decided to make a limited edition of our full color mockup of Tales From When I Had A Face temporarily available for those who have been following along all these years. This isn’t an official release, it doesn’t have an ISBN, as I’m still holding out hope for a proper release with an established publisher. It’s not available outside of this page – only those with the link can order it.

I hope we can successfully bring this project to fruition with a publisher and some more time in the hopper, but at least I’m happy to be able to share this version of Ayta’s tales with you all. We don’t know what the future holds.

It’s 291 pages, full color, and just $19.99. Reaction in this test mockup will help determine our next course of action.

The PDF is also available on my patreon for anyone at $1/month and over.


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