Go deeper into the Fallen Cycle world by immersing yourself in these albums and audio theater pieces.


Dig even deeper into the source.

Join My Cult! was first published by New Falcon Press in 2004, and along with a related Alternate Reality Game, it became the springboard for the rest of the Cycle, albeit in a very different style.

A fictionalized satire about suburban teenagers who create a secret society, and are shocked to find their rituals work: at least well enough to leave the protagonist in a mental asylum by the end. Join My Cult! is literally the writing he gives his doctor to explain his condition and how he got there. In Party At The World's End, we find out this book drives that doctor mad, himself... in addition to the hallucinogens being slipped into his morning coffee, of course.

Citizen Y  is the screenplay for an immersive theater / DVD performance written in conjunction with John Harrigan and The Foolish People in the UK. Written in 2008, we had it through pre-production when circumstances forced us to abandon doing it at that time and place. We hope to one day get it through production.

In this season of the Y show, the doctors of the facility make their final attempt to process these two patients, before they break free and unleash total anarchy. Parodying our fixation on spoon-fed media, Y transports the reader into a post-apocalyptic reality show where the grand prize is the future itself. Based both in the Fallen Cycle and GraveLand mythos.