Go deeper into the Fallen Cycle world by immersing yourself in these albums and audio theater pieces.


Dig even deeper into the source.

Join My Cult! was first published by New Falcon Press in 2004, and along with a related Alternate Reality Game it became the springboard for the rest of the Cycle, albeit in a rather different style. Join My Cult! is a chaotic journal written by one of the protagonists from Party At The World’s End when he’s in a mental asylum.

Citizen Y is a blueprint of a ritual experience. It is a demonstration of how you can create an immersive, transformative experience for an audience that goes beyond passive entertainment. There is a secret that haunts Haze01, the original treatment facility. Two patients, locked deep within its walls, contain archetypes that reject all reprogramming. They channel portents and omens of another future, a world where myth and divinity remake reality, manifesting a planet fit for Gods.