Party At The World's End

Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with Lilith, Dionysus, and their band of Fallen gods in this mythpunk vision of an alternate near-past. This is the story of those Fallen who walk amongst us in the age of anonymity and alternate identities, and hints of the dark world that is to come.

Are they on an ego trip, or do they really believe they're divine? Party At The World's End deals with the youthful rebellion of the rock and roll generation, juxtaposed with the social media cult of personality of today. Lola Parsons reinvents herself as Lilith. Alexi becomes Dionysus. Meredith becomes Jesus. They discover that a great deal of power can come with a stage name and a role, when it connects. Suddenly they're superstars of a different kind, chased by counter-terrorism units as America crumbles around them, and what began as little more than a prank turns a band into the ultimate symbol of death and rebirth.

Specs: 240 pg. 6"x9" paperback, mythpunk / speculative fiction. This is an edited, single volume containing material first serialized as Fallen Nation404 Documents and Words of Traitors. Includes black and white and front cover art by Christopher Disalvatore.

ISBN-13: 978-0692239070

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