We’ve been working on Tales From When I Had A Face for 6 years now.  

I’m happy to update that the goal to have a full black and white version of the book ready to shop by the end of year 7 still is still seeming entirely feasible, although we’re not quite there yet (about 70-80%).  As an independently produced / creator owned book with over 100 full page illustrations, that’s been nowhere near certain.

Although it’s probably of no particular import, the number 7 was woven into the structure of the story (those who read it will see what I mean, I think) and sure enough as planned it seems we’re closing in on the completion of what would be called “general production” for a film. Which is to say most of the raw materials are compiled, but you may still need to reshoot a couple scenes, and post-production is only partially underway. Before it’s truly done, I’ll still have quite a lot of inking and coloring to do. And layout, if I can’t find someone more qualified than myself.

But in the meantime, a mockup can be compiled so we can share what we’re on about. That’ll be a major hurdle, and I thank everyone who’s done something to help get it close to that point. (We will still need quite a bit more luck and support to get it published in the form that I think it deserves, of course.) 

I’m sure it’ll be determined later whether it’ll be released both as 4 parts and then a complete collection, or just as one piece. It is a 4 part story so the whole is important, but each piece also has its own point of view and style, so an argument could be made in either direction. I’ve been very careful to match the different art styles to the primary protagonists of the story, but that’s hard to convey with quick WIP updates… still, here’s a little taste of what we’re up to…

The attached images are some of the most recent raw art that’s come in, from Andu Abril (for 3. The Winter Tree), and P. Emerson Williams (for 2. The Fall Tree), and a notepad sketch of the Alterran map that’ll be used as the guide for the final map drawing. 

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