We have added another talented artist to our team for Tales, Andu Abril. She is going to be handling the first half of The Winter Tree (part 2 of the book, of 4). The work she’s doing is phenomenal, I definitely hope to be working with her on our RPG, fingers crossed that the public comes out to help us get the funds to do that right!

Here’s a sneak peek at her first page, in progress…

Also, I put together some character reference sheets from WIP, as it has progressed so much from when we did the initial concept work back in 2013-14. Although we have been working closely with these characters for years, they may be new to you… enjoy.

They’re just quick reference sheets mostly for internal use, so mea culpa on the layout:

Everyone on the team have had our various challenges the past few months, for me it was a sudden interstate move, medication withdrawal and ongoing chronic health problems, Amun had to get surgery… (I’m happy to report he’s recovering well.) Equanimous Rex left his day job. We’ve hit a lot of hurdles.

But this isn’t new, especially for this project.

A lot of Tales From When I Had A Face itself came from a process of trauma and recovery, so the circumstances are fitting enough and a return to the neighborhood I was living in at the time the cycle started. The first draft was written on my cellphone when I was couch surfing after losing my apartment, effectively homeless, which led me to Boston for 5 years, during which I mostly worked in relative solitude on this project, MASKS, and my daily health routine. It wasn’t planned, but the idea of it as a 7 year ritual has been in place for a while. I can’t wait to see what sort of transformation ultimately occurs, both within the work, and within us. . .

We intend to run our Kickstarter early next year. Hope to see you there.

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