The Alchemist, A Witch-Doctor Minisode

The Alchemist is a Fallen Cycle flash-fiction Equanimous Rex wrote some time ago, taking place in the same world and timeline as The Witch-Doctor.

(If not the same location.)

It has recently been turned into a podcast episode. You will be able to find it wherever you listen to The Witch-Doctor. I’ll provide a list of links at the bottom of this post.

Additionally, we should announce the podcast’s new narrator: Kevin Brown. We think you’ll like his work for this material as much as we have.

Also take note: the new Witch-Doctor episodes are nearing completion.

It’s been awhile, but we hope that the current episodes give you folks an example of the quality that we’re shooting for. As older fans know, the early episodes were often rushed and poorly edited. That is why I decided to put the podcast on hiatus and work on the content. The soundtrack is entirely produced in-house, though it was first constructed in 2008 for Citizen Y, and is a tiny sampling of the hours of material produced for this other Fallen Cycle adjacent project that hasn’t yet made it through production. Now we can enjoy the fruit of at least some of that labor in future Witch-doctor episodes. (The material specifically used in this episode was produced and played by James Curcio, Scott Landes, and P. Emerson Williams.)

I think the new episodes speak for themselves in terms of improving quality.

So give them a listen, and enjoy!

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