A Shared Universe


Mythopoeia, (n.) a series of different stories that share and expand a common mythic pantheon.

The Fallen Cycle spans many lifetimes and mediums, following the cyclical awakening of consciousness, and its return to the land of the dead.

You will find many entrance-points to this world: illustrated novels, comics, albums, and fiction podcasts all carry the stories of the Fallen. They can be explored individually, as well as parts of a whole.

The Fallen

The door is open, the cold beckons.

All we remember as the last light dims behind our eyes are the simple words:

In the beginning there was nothing but the Void and the Voice, the circle closes, and returns ever to itself.”

The Chronicle of the Feyn


What are the Fallen? They are gods, and they are like you and me. Identity is tattooed on emptiness; a series of potentials. Variations on themes. Many iterations, simulacra blindly wandering in an orbit around the black sun, that locus of the unseen and unheard, the subconscious of surrealists and land of the dead. But what gods we can invent from our reflections.