Many Entrances. No Exits.

Mythopoeia, (n.) a series of different stories that share and expand a common mythic pantheon.
The Fallen Cycle spans many lifetimes and mediums, following the cyclical awakening of consciousness, and its return to the land of the dead. You will find many entrance-points to this world: illustrated novels, comics, albums, and fiction podcasts all carry the stories of the Fallen. Each entrance point stands on their own, but it is only through connecting the dots that you'll really unlock the secret of the Fallen Cycle.
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Party At The World's End

Novel with B&W Illustrations

"These Are the First Days. These Are the Final Days. The Children of Lilith Will Return."
Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with Lilith, Dionysus, and their band of Fallen gods in this mythpunk vision of an alternate near-past. This is the story of those Fallen who walk amongst us in the age of anonymity and alternate identities, and hints of the dark world that is to come.

Are they on an ego trip, or do they really believe they're divine? Party At The World's End deals with the youthful rebellion of the rock and roll generation, juxtaposed with the social media cult of personality of today. Lola Parsons reinvents herself as Lilith. Alexi becomes Dionysus. Meredith becomes Jesus. They discover that a great deal of power can come with a stage name and a role, when it connects. Suddenly they're superstars of a different kind, chased by counter-terrorism units as America crumbles around them, and what began as little more than a prank turns a band into the ultimate symbol of death and rebirth.

An exclusive sneak peek of the Prologue is currently available on Modern

by James Curcio with additional art by Amun DiSalvatron



Tales From When I Had A Face

Full-color Illustrated Novel (Preview)

"We Are All Costumes Death
Wears for a Season."
This existential fairytale is told for those of us who may have grown up, but still remember the uncertainty of a world steeped in the occult logic of dreams.

On Ayta's seventh birthday, there came a knock on the door, and Gran was there. Once a thing of myth, descended from legends, now just a stooped old woman. Through her Gran's fantastic stories, Ayta's lonely life as an immigrant growing up in a world she didn't belong, transformed through the Second World of Alterran. In this land of the distant future, tribes guided by symbol, prophecy, and portent face their own impossible decision, between the Chernayan Empire in the North, and the apocalyptic threat of New Babylon rising in the South. Seven years later, her Gran would be dead, and Ayta must then come to terms with her legacy: bearing ancestral myth in a world that has no need for what it sees as childish things. Tales explores the sense of perpetual loss of self and community that seem so endemic in modern life; the repression and dissociation of trauma, and how that can catalyze the nightmares we’ve recorded in history books, it is a literary art project that aims at the liminal spaces, between the light of remembrance and dark of forgetting; asking us what we gain as well as lose when we choose tradition, or, when we choose progress. All paths have repurcussions.

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by James Curcio with art by Amun DiSalvatron, P. Emerson Williams,  Alexey Andreev, and James Curcio


Web Comic Series

"A Vision of Emptiness."
An experimental neural network comic that explores what happens when we can never go offline, and never wake up. 

BLACKOUT. Bleak isolation, gonzo excess, and android dreams in the years that followed Lilith's disappearance. Nameless characters awaken to stillborn days, and wrestle with the inevitability of cthulhuian madness.

by James Curcio and Equanimous Rex with additional illustrations by a rotating cast of collaborating artists.

The Witch-Doctor

Serial Fiction Podcast

"A New Dark Age Is Upon Us."
A witchpunk narrative beginning after the Fall, in the tiny town of Nowell...

Cataclysms, epidemics and wars have changed the makeup of the world. The collapse of the American Empire is now long-past, a new Dominion has risen, ruled with an iron-fist by the theocratic Party of Devout Fellowship.

by Equanimous Rex, co-produced and edited by James Curcio, read by Kevin Brown


Like a radio station broadcast from an alternate reality...