"You want to know about the Fallen? In a sense, they are angels. But not angels of Hallmark: brass trumpets, picnicking in the clouds. In their true essence, they are great swirling engines of wing and blood, fiery eyes that peer around the corners between worlds. Dark, radiant things conjured from fresh battlefields, a Frankenstein’s Valkyrie, forever crashing to Midgard. What grief demands their hate, what vast, cannibal hunger."

Many Entrances. No Exits.

Mythopoeia, (n.) a series of different stories that share and expand a common mythic pantheon.

The Fallen Cycle spans many lifetimes and mediums, following the cyclical awakening of consciousness, and its return to the land of the dead. You will find many entrance-points to this world: illustrated novels, comics, albums, and fiction podcasts all carry the stories of the Fallen.

They can be explored individually, as well as parts of a whole:

Party At The World's End

Novel with B&W Illustrations

"These Are the First and Final Days. The Children of Lilith Will Return."

This is the story of those Fallen who walk amongst us in the age of anonymity and alternate identities, and hints of the dark world that is to come.



Tales From When I Had A Face

Full-color Illustrated Novel

"We Are All Costumes Death
Wears for a Season."

This existential fairytale is told for those of us who still remember the uncertainty of a world steeped in the occult logic of dreams.



Experimental Comic

"What happens when we can never go offline, and never wake up? "


Bleak isolation, gonzo excess, and android dreams in the years that follow Lilith's disappearance.


The Witch-Doctor

Serial Fiction Podcast

"A New Dark Age Is Upon Us."

We begin after the Fall, in the tiny town of Nowell. Cataclysms, epidemics and wars have changed the makeup of the world. A new Dominion has risen, ruled with an iron fist, by the theocratic Party of Devout Fellowship. And now, the final children are disappearing...



Like a radio station broadcast from an alternate reality...